& Social Infrastructure

Social Impact

We advise catalyst projects addressing social and environmental challenges in Colombia
& Transportation

Land, Water and Air Transportation

Our advice on strategic infrastructure deals has helped our country connect faster and in a more sustainable way
& Sustainability

Sustainability & ESG

We have a firm commitment to help our clients developing sustainable projects or that promote ESG factors in our country
& Finance

Advising the modern financial market’s development

Modern and globalized financial markets require world-class legal services that push the boundaries of local legal markets

We’re leading legal providers in

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets


Mendoza is a sector-focused firm that stands out for its legal expertise in finance, infrastructure, and energy with  the highest  professional and ethical standards

Protección de inversión extranjera en proyectos de infraestructura

Elección de la Ley Aplicable en contratos internacionales

Nueva política de riesgo para proyectos de infraestructura